Freshwater Fishing for the New Angler

Fishing may be a simple pastime for some, but it is a serious sporting activity for others. However, whatever your attitude and approach to fishing, it is a fun experience, especially when you are equipped correctly.

Believe it or not, the use of a boat in sports fishing is a little controversial. Some will tell you they prefer to fish from a boat. Especially if there is little or no other access by land, going by a motor boat can be practical. A boat will allow you to be away from the shore even in deeper lakes and rivers. For any angler, how to get to a choice point of fishing is always a concern. In some cases it is necessary to do some traveling up or down a river or a large lake in order to get to the best fishing areas. A boat will also allow you more mobility in locating yourself correctly once you locate a fishing location (so that your shadow does not fall upon the water and spook the fish below).



Others never use a motor boat. Since standing up and casting is necessary, some will tell you that your best option is to go for a motor-less rowboat. While they are good to paddle across to places where fish are still undetected, keep in mind that a small boat cannot withstand winds quietly, as choppy noises in the water will also spook your fish. So, use a boat for freshwater fishing on inland lakes and rivers only on a calm day. Of course, in case you are traveling far to do your fishing, keeping a trolling motor can make sense.

It’s all a question of style.

Fishing beside a lake can be every bit as enjoyable. However, to do it correctly, it does require special footwear, body wear. For stream wafers, there is no problem if you use hip boots. However, chest and hip waders are usually the preferred choice in many cases. These allow comfortable mobility for your legs and you should not have a problem with tight seams.

It is always a good idea to carry and wear a proper fishing jacket. There are long jackets and short jackets. You will need to pick the right type for the footwear you will be wearing. A long jacket will help you wade through shallow water, as well as keep you warm when you are fishing from a boat. However, when you are using a chest wader, you should wear a short jacket otherwise the bottom portion of a long jacket would get wet. It’s a matter of logic. Also, always wear a jacket with generous pockets. The pockets will be needed for carrying lure boxes and other assorted accessories. Of course, you don’t want to forget a good hat with a visor.

As a general rule, seasoned anglers always have three stashes of well stocked lure and tackle box containers. The first one is used as a home stockpile. The second and third are for the boat and the car. In this manner you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Angle fishing is a great sport and a good way to be out in nature. With the correct gear and fishing accessories, you can have a rewarding fishing experience.

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